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New England Spine Institute, PC

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It really doesn't matter what the letters are behind your name (ATC, DC, DO, DPT, MD, PT); we all prescribe exercises for our patients. I'm sure you have found yourself drawing stick figures, taking cell phone photographs or purchasing exercise library programs to provide your patients with a home instruction guide.  In my search for a good program, I finally decided it was time to create my own.  I'm opening access to everyone who would like to use it in hopes that the many skilled practitioners out there will help me create the "killer app" for all of us.   It will remain free and open access, provided the images are not "borrowed" without permission.  I intend to add additional features (videos, a store and instructional guides). 

At least twice annually, I will hire a model and photographer to shoot another series of photographs.  Your input will be appreciated.

Now, call me naive, but I'm putting this information out there in hopes that I can trust the users.  Please do not borrow, steal or re-purpose any of the photographs in the handouts.  The model and photographer deserve to be paid for their efforts, so, we can license the photos to you for a small fee.  Also, if you would like to have the exercise sheets branded with your information, we will do so for $2.50 each.  Fair enough?